Lolo Jones Gets Upset When Fans Tell Her to Slow Down on Bible Reading

Lolo Jones had a small tiff with fans who expressed doubts that she could finish reading the Bible in 90 days.(Instagram/Lolo Jones)

Christian athlete Lolo Jones, 34, has set a lofty New Year's Resolution for herself: To finish reading the entire Bible in 90 days.

The Olympic hurdler and bobsledder shared her plan on her Twitter account: "2017 New Year's resolution was to read the Bible in its entirety in 90 days. I'm still on day 1."

Many fans cheered on the athlete, telling her that it's a great resolution to take on. "You got this!" a netizen cheered her on.

Other commenters promised to do the same thing, and they're glad Jones is along for the ride. "I'm doing the whole Bible in 30 days. Set an hour in the morning and and hour in evening and you will be able to do it. Faith!" a man named Michael Fischer wrote.

However, there were some fans who were concerned that the quality of Jones' Bible reading would be diminished if she speeds through the entire book. When they expressed their concerns, Jones got upset.

Motion graphic designer Ben Gregorie told her, "1 chapter a day is much more manageable, and I would say more rewarding than speeding through it."

But Jones replied, "Please don't tell me how to read the Bible. I've read it through multiple times. That's judging and God doesn't like it."

The man felt taken aback by Jones' reply, and sought to explain himself: "Oh sorry. I didn't mean to sound sneering, just saying what has worked well for me. Thanks. 90 days would be quite a feat."

Another man named Benji Whitehead expressed the same concern, saying that he had to extend his Bible reading time when he took on the same challenge. So he advised the athlete, "Take your time and soak it in. My resolution a few years back was to read it in a year, took me 16 months. Worth it."

Jones replied, "Just [because] I'm reading it in 90 days doesn't mean I'm not soaking it in. That's an [ill] advised tweet I'm spending way more time."

The man then clarified, "Didn't mean it in an ill advised way. You going straight through cover to cover? That was tough for me."

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