Limbless evangelist Nick Vujicic: 'Fear can cripple you more than having no legs'

Nick Vujicic with his wife Kanae on their wedding day(Photo: Facebook/Nick Vujicic)

Nick Vujicic had a word of encouragement for people feeling knocked back in life: don't let fear hold you back. 

The Australian evangelist, who was born without arms or legs, was speaking before a crowd of over 1,000 people at Fairhope United Methodist Church, in Alabama, on Friday.  

He spoke openly about the trials he has faced, including experiencing bullying as a child, which was a factor in his suicide attempt at the age of 10. 

His life changed dramatically when he gave his life to God at the age of 15 but even as an adult and internationally acclaimed speaker and author, there have still been difficulties. 

The audience each got a copy of his new book, "Love Without Limits", in which he talked honestly about the financial hardship he was in while dating his now wife, Kanae, reports.  

They married three years ago and have a little boy together, but during the earlier stages of their relationship, he was so financially pressed that he had to ask his parents for money. 

And just recently, his 21-month-old son was hospitalised for unexplained pain.  

"It was a rought week for us," he said.  "It has definitely drawn us closer." 

Still, Vujicic's message to the masses has never changed.  It has always been one of optimism and faith in God to get him through everything life can throw at him.

And his message to Fairhope was no different as he encouraged the audience to live without fear.

"Fear can cripple you more than having no legs," he said.  "By the grace of God, his love casts out all fear."