Life from death after 'dozens' saved at Braxton Caner's funeral

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As heartwrenching as the memorial service for Braxton Caner was over the weekend, the testimonies shared during and after the event give rise to hope as his Baptist minister father Ergun Caner said people had even come to faith.

Braxton, 15, tragically took his own life on July 29. On top of his coffin at the memorial was a football and on the big screen a picture of Braxton in happier times, dressed in his football kit, a poignant reminder of the game he was so passionate about.

His teammates from the Aledo High School football team, Aledo Bearcats, were at the service, held at the New River Fellowship in Hudson Oaks, Texas, on Saturday.

Ergun shared a picture on his Twitter of the team on bended knees, praying for Braxton.

One mourner, Sujo John, tweeted after the service: "So many friends of Braxton just got saved at his memorial service @erguncaner #hopebeyondthegrave."

Tributes were paid to Braxton as a great friend and Christian who loved his parents and younger brother, 9-year-old Drake.

"Braxton Caner had a faith he could share around the world and in Aledo, Texas," said the family's pastor from Willow Park Baptist Church, Clark Bosher.

Asa Walker, a youth pastor at Westside Baptist Church in Gainesville, Florida, said Drake had spoken movingly at his brother's funeral.

"Drake Caner, 9-years-old, spoke at his brother Braxton's funeral. So strong. Not a dry eye in the place. He's my hero today," she tweeted.

A report on the website of Brewton-Parker College, where Ergun is president, detailed how Drake went up to the podium and described Braxton as the "best brother anyone could have".

"I miss you Braxton, and I know you are having a great time right now," he said.

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