LG G5 release date, specs: removable battery

LG G5 may be taking removable battery to the next level.

The flagship handset will sport a slot at the bottom where the device's battery will be housed, according to various reports. There will be a button that users can press so the compartment can slide down, allowing them to change the battery with ease. This would make battery swapping easier than having to remove the back casing of the device.

While this LG G5 design is yet to be unveiled, LG hinted that its devices are yet to retire the removable battery feature. Just recently, the tech firm poked fun at Samsung on Twitter as the latter promoted the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus's fast-charging capabilities.

"Go from zero to full in just 90 minutes with the built-in fast charging capabilities of the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus," Samsung tweeted.

LG responded, saying, "Go from zero to full instantly with a removable battery," promoting the LG V10.

The jab suggests that LG is not ready to take away removable batteries yet, especially with LG G5, according to GSM Arena. When Samsung decided to forego this in their recent outings, users were not happy. That being said, the plan to retain the removable battery option can actually give LG an advantage.

It becomes clearer that LG's next flagship will boast a removable battery. The question is whether or not the smartphone will introduce a new way of changing batteries.

Meanwhile, a clip showcasing a 3D rendering of the highlyanticipated device was released by Tech Configuration. The rendering was made based on reports about its specs and features.

In the clip, the device sports a dual camera setup, a USB-C port and a fingerprint scanner that sits right below the rear-facing shooters. The bezels are ultra-thin, making the device look extra sleek and the screen appear larger.

LG G5 will also reportedly come in a 5.6-inch Quad HD display with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor powering it up, and the handset offer 4GB RAM. The cameras at the back will come in 16MP and 8MP capacities, while the selfie camera will have 8MP.

The LG G5 is expected to be out on Feb. 21, a day before the Mobile World Congress.