Lesbian, gay and bisexual people more likely to be politically liberal - study

A man waves a rainbow flag while observing a gay pride parade in San Francisco, California June 28, 2015.REUTERS/Elijah Nouvelage

Lesbian, gay and bisexual people are more likely to be liberal in their political views and attitudes to social issues, according to new research.

University of Oklahoma sociologist Meredith Worthen examined sexuality and gender gaps in political perspectives among college students enrolled at a university in southern USA.

The study, published in Sexuality Research and Social Policy, concluded that there was a clear 'sexuality gap' between members of the LGB community and heterosexuals.

In particular, Worthen looked at the intersection between sexual identity and gender in relation to politicized perspectives like liberal ideology and feminist identity, and the support of politicised issues, such as the death penalty and legal abortion.

The study concluded that LGB people were more likely to have liberal social justice perspectives and that this was especially the case for lesbian and bisexual women 'due to their multiple oppressed identities'.

'In addition, there is evidence of a bisexual woman consciousness that relates to strong liberalism among bisexual college women,' the study claims.

The study also looked at differences between those who identified exclusively as heterosexual and those who were 'mostly' heterosexual.

It found that those who were exclusively heterosexual were 'significantly' less likely to be liberal.

'This study fills the gaps in the research, expands our knowledge about sexuality and gender gaps in political attitudes and contributes to new ways of thinking about the perspectives of mostly heterosexual and lesbian, gay and bisexual people,' said Worthen.

'This study works toward a deeper understanding of ways college students can promote political change and advocate for social justice.'