Left is waging 'war' on police, faith, history, and American values, says Trump

U.S. President Donald Trump delivers his acceptance speech as the 2020 Republican presidential nominee during the final event of the Republican National Convention on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, U.S., August 27, 2020Reuters

The Left is waging a "war" on the police, faith, history, and American values and it's "tearing our country apart", Donald Trump has said. 

In a news conference this week, the US President called for the restoration of "patriotic education" that presents America as an "exceptional, free and just nation, worth defending, preserving, and protecting."

"Many young Americans have been fed lies about America being a wicked nation plagued by racism," he said.

"Indeed, [Democratic presidential nominee] Joe Biden and his party spent their entire convention spreading this hateful and destructive message while refusing to say one word about the violence."

He continued: "The left's war on police, faith, history, and American values is tearing our country apart, which is what they want.

"The only path to unity is to rebuild a shared national identity focused on common American values and virtues, of which we have plenty.

"This includes restoring patriotic education in our nation's schools, where they're trying to change everything that we've learned."

Trump is seeking re-election come November when he goes head to head with Biden. 

Loyal Trump supporter Franklin Graham has described the Democrats as being "socialist" and "opposed to faith".

He said Trump was defending "Western civilization as we know it" and that if the Democrats get into the White House, it will lead to church closures and an increase in "hatred" towards people of faith. 

"I'm just asking that God would spare this country for another four years to give us a little bit more time to do the work before the storm hits, and I believe the storm is coming and you're going to see Christians attacked, you're going to see churches closed, you're going to see a real hatred expressed toward people of faith. That's coming," he told CBN News.