Leading London Church to Celebrate Bible Teaching in Africa

Christians across London have been invited to an evening to celebrate and promote Bible teaching in Africa on 19 March 2007 at All Souls Church, Langham Place, London.

Exciting projects currently being undertaken by Philip Project Alumni will be promoted at the event, which will reveal what is being done in the home countries to promote faithful Bible teaching.

The Philip Project is part of Friends International. It seeks to raise Bible teachers in Africa among the African professionals who come to study in the UK. They will return as engineers, doctors, lecturers, and nurses but also as people who are equipped to handle the Word of God. Training takes place at the Cornhill Training Course in London.

The main speaker will be Pastor Conrad Mbewe of Kabwata Baptist Church in Lusaka who will talk about the challenges and the delights of faithful Bible teaching in Southern Africa. Chris Wright (Langham Partnership International) and Doug Johnson (Project Timothy) will make a response and share what their organisations are doing to encourage Bible teaching in Africa.

The evening will also see the launch of the long awaited Africa Bible Commentary. The Africa Bible Commentary is unique. Written by 70 African theologians and produced in Africa, this 1600 page one-volume commentary is created to help pastors, students, and lay leaders in Africa apply God's Word to distinctively African concerns, yet its fresh insights will have a universal appeal.

This evening is sponsored by partners of the Philip Project including Action partners, AIM International, Cornhill Training Course, Crosslinks, Langham Partnership International and UCCF.

It is hoped by organisers that hundreds will descend upon All Souls Church to promote faithful Bible teaching among African professionals so that they can compliment the work of pastors in churches.