Last minute Christmas shopping as popular as ever


If madly dashing around shops on Christmas Eve is all too familiar a scenario for you, then at least you're in good company.

A recent poll reveals that many of us who plan on exchanging gifts at Christmas haven't even started the present hunt yet - with just a week to go before the big day!

Ninety-one per cent of Americans surveyed by Consumer Reports will be giving presents to loved ones this year, but of the 1,500 asked, just under a third (31%) said they hadn't even begun shopping their shopping yet, and of those who had started, almost half (49%) were less than half way through their list.

The poll also indicates that people are tired of receiving generic 'Merry Christmas!' group texts from friends.

Over two thirds (67%) said these were in poor taste, while 65% said the same about impersonal greetings posted on social media.

Christmas is considered by many to be the most stressful time of the year, although a solid 64% of those polled felt they have it all under control this season.

Thirty-six per cent weren't so sure however, and three per cent said they are so overwhelmed they definitely won't be ready in time for the holidays.

The hardest people to shop for are children, according to the survey, with 39 per cent of adults considering their kids to be the trickiest to choose gifts for.

Over a quarter (29%) said they struggle to find gifts for their partner and 11% dread shopping for their parents the most.

Another Christmas survey by Harris Interactive for SodaStream found that nine out of ten Americans (91%) plan to give gifts this holiday season, with women being slightly more likely to plan their gift-buying than men (92% vs 89% respectively).

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) are advocating that we all get a little bit more in tune with our inner Kirstie Allsopp and DIY our own gifts. CAP's 'top tips for the seasonally skint' suggest homemade marmalade with whisky, handcrafted candles or chocolate treats. If you haven't got all your Christmas pressies yet, there's still time to give them a go!