Langham Partnership to Provide Christian Literature to 100's of Seminaries Worldwide

The Langham Partnership has launched a new literature catalogue this month, with the aim of helping invest in the resources of hundreds of leading Christian and theological seminaries worldwide.

Each year, Langham Literature offers to Majority World seminaries a precious library grant to purchase new theological books, and February has marked the launch of a new offer.

This offer will come through the Langham Literature Catalogue that is mailed out each year. The new catalogue includes both English and French titles and has not only been mailed to over 1600 seminaries, but is also available online.

It can be found by clicking here and allows Majority World seminaries to search the catalogue and build wish lists of the books they would like to have in their libraries.

A Langham Foundation statement has said, "This will allow Langham Literature to be more efficient in processing and distributing these titles, but will also allow anyone to view these wish lists and purchase books for the library or provide a library grant."

You can find out more about this ministry at