Lamar Odom health update: Ex-NBA cager slightly walking on his own

Lamar OdomReuters

Lamar Odom continues to show signs of improvement and the biggest progress that he has made so far is taking small steps without any aid of whatsoever.

The report came from TMZ who mentioned that it was the first time that Odom had been able to walk a bit on his own without a walker. To be precise, Odom took three steps on his own, which reportedly shocked even the doctors.

Aside from the progress in walking, Odom has also showed significant improvements on the use of his hands. Odom has made significant improvements in this area as well; he is able to reach above his head and put on his hood which he was able to do in the presence of his wife, Khloé Kardashian.

Other progress on the part of Odom included improved brain function with Odom able to recognize a hospital staff member. Such has become a good sign considering there was a time in previous weeks where the former NBA cager was unable to recognize his family.

Bit by bit, Odom has been showing his competitive nature despite the fact that his chances of leading a normal life once again do not exactly hold good odds.

Odom is expected to be moved to a rehabilitation facility as soon as doctor deem it fit for the former NBA player, not to mention more improvements in the process.

With Kardashian making it clear that she is against turning her home into a hospital, word has it that Lamar will be placed somewhere near her place with the proper hospital-like environment to make the recovery fast.

Kardashian also made it clear that they are not getting back together and that their divorce will push through. Despite those plans, she bares that she will stand by Odom's side during the recovery process which could take some time.