Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott Believes People Can Celebrate the Birth of Christ All Year Round

Hillary Scott (second from right) poses with her family: From left, her father Lang Scott, mother Linda Davis, and sister Rylee Scott.(Facebook/Hillary Scott)

Hillary Scott from the popular group Lady Antebellum just released her first Christian album called "Love Remains," pointing out that the songs in the album are just perfect for the Christmas season.

She told Jenna Bush Hager on the Dec. 21 edition of the "Today Show" that the multi Grammy-nominated album, which she created together with her family, serves as a message of love and hope during this time of turmoil.

"My hope for this record is that it would bring hope. That people would listen to it in their cars on the way to work or cooking dinner at home and it would meet them right where they are," Scott said, according to The Christian Post.

Hager noted that even though the album was released earlier this year, it is actually perfect for this Christmas season. Scott could not agree more.

"I'd like to think so — the subject matter being our Lord and our faith, and that's something that we celebrate at Christmas, the birth of Jesus. But that's something that we could celebrate all year round," she said.

Scott added that "Love Remains" is actually an idea from her father, who wanted to create an album of hymns with family and friends. The more she thought about it, the more she liked the idea and wanted the world to hear their songs.

As for the creation of new songs, she credited God for giving her the right words. Scott also said that she remained obedient and faithful to God all throughout the making of the album. In turn, He blessed her with a stronger family bond.

Making the album, according to Scott, is something she will always cherish. "We've been able to really grow even deeper in our relationship and it's the heartbeat of our family. You know, the ups and downs of what we've been through. But also that we had a good times and bad times," she said.

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