Kurdish Forces Fighting ISIS in Syria Get to Hear God's Word in the Battlefield through Audio Bibles

Christian volunteers, who have joined the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, take part in a training at a training base in the town of Alqosh, 50 km from Mosul. Christian forces have sworn to "fight relentlessly" to free the city from ISIS control.Reuters

Kurdish fighters battling Islamic State (ISIS) militants in Syria are still able to listen to God's Word in the middle of the battlefield, thanks to modern technology.

According to a report from Mission Network News, Kurdish forces helping to drive out ISIS fighters in northern Syria have been provided with flashlights that also function as audio Bibles by a Christian group called Audio Scriptures Ministries.

JP Sundararajan, a member of the Christian organisation, shared how one of the group's representatives linked them to another humanitarian group called Free Burma Rangers, which works in high-conflict areas.

"Through a series of providential meetings, God enabled us to send about 50 of our audio Bibles in the Arabic and Kurdish languages to the frontlines, really, of Syria where soldiers who are battling ISIS were able to secure them," Sundararajan told Mission Network News.

He added that the audio Bibles were "immediately gone" once the Kurdish fighters got word that they can listen to God's Word even in the battlefield.

"I mean, 50 Bibles are, needless to say, a drop in the bucket. But the stories that unfold and the photos that came from it were pretty cool," he said.

Sundararajan further shared how happy he is to know that those fighting the ISIS can find strength in the Holy Bible.

"I can only imagine what they are feeling as they battle this terror group. But then, to have the comfort of God's Word in their heart language was beautiful," he said.

Another member of Audio Scriptures Ministries, Taylor Ely, encouraged Christians around the world to pray that they find more ways to reach the fighters who are battling the ISIS in the Middle East.

"I think a key way listeners can be praying is honestly to just continue to pray for more strategic contacts. This story was just a really huge way for us as a ministry to be reminded that God is the one who makes the connections, and He makes connections we can't even make for ourselves," Ely said.