Kristen Bell, the voice behind Princess Anna has not let her own daughters seen Frozen

Kristen Bell's own daughters have not seen Frozen!Facebook

Believe it or not, the voice behind Princess Anna in the Disney movie Frozen has not let her own daughters seen the film that has already entranced millions of kids and adults from all over the world, especially with its hit song "Let It Go."

But Kristen Bell and her husband Dax Shepard have a good reason why their kids have not joined in the Frozen craze. Their youngest daughter Delta is only a few months old - she was born last December - while her older sister Lincoln is only two.

The couple have been trying hard to abide by the American Psychiatric Association's recommendation that children should start watching television when they are two and a half years old.

"So we're trying to follow that, which unfortunately is not realistic for all parents — I understand, we're shooting for the moon," Bell told Us Weekly. "It's also for their imagination, just so they don't become sedentary and used to zoning out to videos. But she's (Lincoln's) certainly seen videos, she loves the hell out of Snoopy! But we're trying. She certainly hasn't seen anything Frozen."

Bell considers it humbling that her own daughter does not know what she does for a living. "She is not my biggest fan. She couldn't care less," the actress laughingly shared.

Still, Bell cannot wait for her own daughters to finally see Frozen, and she hopes that the movie will inspire Lincoln and Delta to love one another more and strengthen their relationship as sisters.

"It's funny, I'm more excited as an audience member because of the sister themes," she said. "Because one day when I show it to both my girls together, it will have significance to them and their dynamic. I'm really excited about that because I think it really says something really special about sisters."