Know what you're eating, say church advisers

Church advisers in Wales are urging people to buy produce that can be sourced back to local farms.

The Rural Life Advisers at the Church in Wales issued the advice in light of the horsemeat scandal.

A meat processing plant near Aberystwyth was suspended by the Food Standards Agency this week as part of its investigation into horsemeat being sold on as beef for kebabs and burgers. A slaughterhouse in West Yorkshire is also under investigation.

The Church's Rural Life Advisers said buying locally sourced meat would help consumers know what they are eating.

The Bishop of Swansea and Brecon, the Right Reverend John Davies, said, "The recent publicity about the discovery of horse-meat in processed food has raised a lot of questions about our food: affordability, traceability, food miles, and the availability of produce that shoppers can buy with confidence.

"Welsh farmers enjoy high levels of confidence and support from their local communities and have close links with local butchers and other shops.

"Seeking out retailers who can offer local knowledge and traceability is the best way to support Welsh farmers, butchers, and their communities."