'Kingdom Hearts 3' characters update: 'Frozen' is not happening, Maleficent included in the game?

In the past few months, there were reports that Disney's "Frozen" will be included in "Kingdom Hearts 3." This was in line with the desire of the game developers to put more Disney worlds into the game. Everyone got excited about it but, unfortunately, it's not happening.

In an interview with co-director Tai Yasue, he immediately made it clear that his "Frozen" comment was taken the wrong way. He simply showed how he liked the movie but there's no plan of including the "Frozen" world or characters in the game.

After that, Tai confirmed that the game has increased in difficulty, particularly with the intense battles. The Keyblade could be a factor in this, as well as its transformation variations. Further, Tai confirmed that the game is developing on schedule.

In related news, a report from KH Insider said that Maleficent may be included in the game. Angelina Jolie's portrayal of Disney villain Maleficent sparked interest throughout the world, and such interest could have landed her an important role in "Kingdom Hearts 3."

Jolie herself has become involved in the game "Disney Infinity" where she helped design her movie character and toy figure. If this is true, then "Kingdom Hearts 3" won't be an entirely new experience for her.

Nonetheless, there is no confirmation yet about the role of Maleficent in the upcoming Square Enix game. But when someone asked a creative developer about Maleficent being part of "Kingdom Hearts 3" at a convention, he said that he cannot comment on the matter, but there will be a big surprise for everyone, reported Game Ranx.

There's a theory on how Maleficent will join the "KH3" world. It can take the story of Master Xehanort who used time travel. This could be used to bring Maleficent into the world as well as present her story before she became a villain.

"Kingdom Hearts 3" will be released in late 2016, which means there's plenty of time to make speculations and theories about the game. Meanwhile, the "Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix" will be out on Dec. 2.