Kim Kardashian is game for some Bible study

She has just come through a humiliating split from her husband after just 72 days of marriage, but there is something Kim Kardashian is excited about and it’s not what we might think from the girl who was helped to fame by a certain video tape.

The reality TV star was in church last Sunday with mum Kris Jenner, and is apparently really looking forward to attending this coming weekend’s service too.

“On [my] way to church with the girls!” she tweeted on Sunday.

Now she “can’t wait” for the next service and is even keen to study the Bible more.

“I want to start a bible study group with my friends,” she tweeted.

Not one for resting on her laurels, it’s a miracle Kim finds the time, what with her fashion range and hit reality TV shows to take care of, not to mention her busy social life and all those photo shoots and gym sessions to fit in.

But the church she’s attending, Life Change Community Church in Calabasas, California, has a special place in her family – it was established by her mum.

Appearing on Piers Morgan’s CNN chat show last month, she revealed how she funds the church and also donates part of her earnings to charity.

When asked by Piers if she knew how much she was worth, she replied: “Whatever it is, I give 10 per cent away to the church and that's what I was taught. Every year. Absolutely.”

When asked by Piers if she had “given away millions”, she answered: “Yeah.”

She said: “There’s a charity I work with a lot that I donate money to all the time – the Dream Foundation – and my mum has helped create a church, so we help fund that.”

But she went on to explain that she has to feel some connection to the cause she is supporting.

“So many people ask us to donate money here and there and some things just don't make sense to me, and I don't feel connected or passionate about that certain thing,” she said.

“So when I find something it makes it so much more meaningful.”