Kim Kardashian baby weight loss photos expected before August 17? Post-baby pregnancy debut may be on Kris!

Kim Kardashian/Twitter

Kim Kardashian has been out of public view since she gave birth to daughter North West last month but reports state that she is planning to debut her first post-baby appearance prior to her sister Kylie Jenner's Sweet 16 party.

The 32-year-old reality star will be careful not to steal her sister's limelight by making her public post-baby debut before the big day on August 17. She is also rumored to make an appearance on her mother Kris' new talk show 'Kris!'

A source told New York Daily News: "'She really wants to go to Kylie's party, and when it comes to the family, Kris wants everyone there. Kim is just working with Kris to figure out the best plan of action."

Kardashian's appearance on the talk show does not mean that she will debut her daughter. "They'll keep it light and just talk diet and exercise," said the source. "No baby photo will be shown."

Meanwhile, the new mom is said to be working hard to shake off her pregnancy weight, with some reports stating that she allegedly lost 50 pounds after the birth.

The reality star, whose baby photos have yet to be released, is on the cover of Star Magazine, which is titled: "I got my body back! How she lost 50 pounds in 40 days."

Kardashian is keen to lose her baby weight after her pregnancy weight gain was chronicled in the media. She is said to be breastfeeding North to help shed the weight. "She kept hearing that she would lose a lot of weight if she did breast-feed," a source told Star Magazine. "That's why she's forcing herself to do it."

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