Torture By Injection of Vietnamese Hmong Christians

In Vietnam, the government are torturing Hmong Christians by drug injection to force them to leave their faith, to abandon their belief in Jesus. Documentary evidence released on March 15, 2004 by the Freedom House Centre for Religious Freedom. They received a letter dated January 30 that explains in detail of the suffering of the Hmong Christians in Na Ling village, Song Ma District and Lai Chau Province located in Northwest Vietnam.

The letter, written by Zong Xiong Hang, a Hmong Christian, tells of the use of drug injections given by Vietnamese military personnel to force the Hmong Christians to give up their belief and faith in Jesus. Those that were injected said that they experienced symptoms of chest pains, headaches and a loss of feeling in their limbs. Nazi Germany and the Russians were notorious in the use of unorthodox forms of torture such as the use of torture by injection.

In his letter, Zong Xiong Hang says that he was targeted for training pastors and for the distribution of Christian literature and that the Christians in Na Ling village faced being excluded from society unless they abandoned their belief. Zong says that it is government policy that only Hmong that converted before 1954, when French rule ended may be recognized as Christians. Zong's village converted to Christianity after 1954 and have since made a number of requests to the government to be accepted and classified as Christians but have always been denied.