Kentucky couple offer to adopt babies of women who want to get an abortion

Christian couple Kevin and Nicole Cook are taking a stand against abortion by promoting adoption.(Twitter/Kevin Gary Cook)

 After seeing the gruesome Planned Parenthood exposé videos released by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), a Kentucky couple have offered to adopt the babies of women who are intent on getting an abortion.

Nicole Cook, who suffered from miscarriage over a year ago and then struggled with infertility since, said she and her husband Kevin were so "shattered" when they saw the fourth sting video released just this July, according to Christian News.

"I have been praying, and hoping, and waiting, and crying out to God for a child for almost two years now," Kevin, a student at Asbury Theological Seminary, wrote on his personal blog. "If anyone out there reads this and is considering abortion, I will take your baby. My wife and I will gladly take all your babies!"

Some might think that Kevin is joking, but he insists that he is "completely serious." "If you are pregnant and don't want your child, we will. It's not a foetus. It's a blessing. Life matters," he wrote.

After making that offer, Kevin and his wife were swamped with thousands of messages from people all over the country.

"Hundreds of women have messaged us saying that they would prefer to give up their baby through adoption rather than getting an abortion, but they don't know how to do that," he wrote.

At the same time, Kevin said they received messages from angry critics who accused them of being "thieves and scammers, paedophiles, preying on innocent people."

Instead of dwelling on negative vibes, Kevin and Nicole have been busy finding resources about adoption so as to direct the pregnant women to the right channels of adoption.

"We are still looking for the right situation for God to use us to save the life of a child who would otherwise be aborted, and we would love to be able to save two if God provides that!" Kevin said. "Women continue to message us and we are looking at each one as an opportunity to save a life, either through personally adopting their child or through connecting them with an adoption agency locally."

It is their sincerest prayer that adoption agencies nationwide will be "completely overwhelmed" by the influx of birth mothers who have decided to choose life over death.

"If we can double the number of mothers choosing life and connecting with adoption agencies, we would save thousands of innocent lives and provide loving families with the children their hearts long for. We would also bring down the waiting time and overhead cost of adoption through agencies. Lord, hear our prayer! Jesus, make it happen!" he said.