Ken Ham says atheist group not really seeking 'freedom from religion' but just freedom from Christianity

Ken Ham says that the very thing atheists are vehemently fighting against - Jesus Christ - 'is the only thing they truly need.'(Twitter)

The atheist group Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) has made several attempts to keep Christian symbols from being displayed in public in the United States. The group has objected to Nativity scenes during Christmas, demanded that Bibles be removed from hotel rooms, and opposed the Ark Encounter project by Answers in Genesis.

This time around, they are targeting the distribution of Bibles in a Colorado public school district, and Answers in Genesis founder Ken Ham is beginning to suspect that they are not trying to free America of religion, but just of Christianity.

Ham says the school district has allowed Gideons to make Bibles available to students. However, a parent complained about it, prompting the FRFF to team up with another secular group to call for a halt on the Bible distribution. At the same time, the two groups are demanding that they be allowed to hand out to the public their own atheistic literature and satanic pamphlets.

"Although the group's name is the 'Freedom From Religion Foundation,' it's really not religion in general that this group is fighting against but Christianity in particular," Ham writes on his blog. "The FFRF leaders claim to want 'the school to stop allowing the distribution of religious material altogether,' but they are willing to allow Satanic material to be given out to accomplish this — anything, as long as it's not the Bible."

Ham says these groups want their religion of secularism and atheism to be the only religion that Americans are exposed to. Even though they claim that atheism isn't a religion, Ham attests to the fact that it is.

"In their worldview, they have faith that somehow the universe came into existence and by natural processes life arose — that is their belief system, their religion," he says.

Even though groups like the FRFF are intolerant of Christians and will stop at nothing to keep them from exercising their religion, Ham says Christians need to be reminded that these people desperately need the forgiveness and hope that Jesus offers.

"The very thing they are vehemently fighting against is the only thing they truly need. Please pray that they will see their need and will repent and trust in Jesus Christ," he says.