Justin Bieber broadcasts Sunday service to his 130 million Instagram followers

Justin Bieber(Photo: Instagram/Justin Bieber)

Millions of Christians around the world 'went to church' digitally over the weekend and it was no different for pop star Justin Bieber.

Bieber, a Christian who is regularly seen attending church, shared the experience with his 130 million Instagram followers by broadcasting a live sermon from his good friend and pastor Judah Smith. 

Bieber tuned in with his wife Hailey and invited all his followers to do the same, regardless of their beliefs. 

"By no means do you need to believe in what I believe but know your loved and more than welcome to join me as I watch church today!" he wrote on Instagram

Smith, lead pastor of Churchome in Seattle, Washington, broadcast the sermon from a studio with a small praise team. 

It was broadcast via a split screen that showed Justin and Hailey following along at home. 

Preaching from the book of Timothy, Smith said that Christians could learn from the courage and faith shown by Paul at the very end of his life, when he knew he was going to soon be executed.

Addressing the topic of fear, Smith explained that it came from a sense of no longer being in control. 

"What do we do when we're afraid?" he asked. 

"I tell you what we do need more of in this world: we need more prayer." 

He continued: "When we are afraid we try to help God. We try to control things that are not under our control.

"If this pandemic has taught us anything, and I pray to God that it is over so soon, but it has taught us that we are not in control [...] and even the most powerful political figures in the world are not in control. 

"Life is fragile, life is a vapour, life is dust.  It is here today, gone tomorrow." 

Bieber, who has been self-isolating at home with Hailey, could be seen nodding his head in agreement throughout the sermon. 

Before the broadcast ended, he sang along and lifted his hands in worship as the band led viewers in singing Hillsong's "What a Beautiful Name". 

At the end, he told his followers, "Hope you guys enjoyed that as much as I did ... If you guys watched that and you don't believe in the story of Jesus or whatever it may be, super OK.

"Everyone's on their own journey, their own faith journey. I just feel like in this time that the story of Jesus really resonates with me." 

The broadcast can be watched in full below: