'Jurassic World Evolution' news: In-game trailer released for the PC, XBox One, and PS4

YouTube/Jurassic World EvolutionThe T-Rex is once again ready to terrorize herbivores and tourists who scream too much, this time in "Jurassic World Evolution."

Gamers will now be able to get a glimpse of the Lost World, as "Jurassic World Evolution" gets a new in-game footage trailer showcasing the dinosaur ecosystem.

Developed by Frontier Developments, "Jurassic World Evolution" is first and foremost, a management simulator. This may be off-putting to players expecting an action-adventure or an exploration game. The new "Jurassic World" game lets players run and build theme parks, which take after the movie and book counterparts.

Players will also be allowed to bioengineer dinosaurs, along with building rides, theme park attractions, and laboratories. The in-game footage trailer shows the available dinosaurs in the upcoming management simulator game which includes the franchise's poster-boy, Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex), the massive Brachiosaurus, the cunning velociraptor, triceratops, stegosaurus, ankylosaurus, and more.

Along with building theme parks and creating dinosaurs, players will also have to contain the ever-increasing threat of dinosaurs escaping their enclosures, and supposedly, tourists sneaking around the facilities.

PC Gamer detailed that the game will follow how the dinosaurs were created based on the first movie from 1993, "Jurassic Park." Players must send excavation teams around the world to locate prized dinosaur fossils and use them to bioengineer the dinosaurs. Players will be given a single island to start with and will be allowed a total of five as the game progresses. Each of the islands has distinct resources and flora which provides for the sustenance of specific dinosaur species.

Three development paths, Entertainment, Science, and Security, are also laid out for the players, and all will have to be balanced and attended to. Entertainment refers to the satisfaction level of the visitors of the park, Security covers how players will handle the park's safety, and Science will expand the quality and roster of dinosaurs. Players can choose to focus on one or all three simultaneously, as experts will be at their disposal to provide help and management assistance.

"Jurassic World Evolution" has no exact release date yet but is expected to arrive in Summer next year for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.