Joyce Meyer: 'Courage is moving forward even when you feel afraid'

A new blog post from best-selling author and Christian speaker Joyce Meyer encourages Christians to "choose boldness"

Joyce Meyer

A new blog post from best-selling author and Christian speaker Joyce Meyer encourages Christians to "choose boldness", and step into the fullness of life that God offers, no matter how frightening things may seem.

"God has great plans for our lives. It's exciting when He puts dreams and desires in our hearts, but it can also be challenging. Because fear always comes against us when we try new things," she writes.

"That's how the enemy tries to keep us from moving forward - through fear. But instead of giving in to our fears, we can choose to be bold, confident and courageous through Christ."

Meyer looks to biblical characters such as Joshua to illustrate God's unending goodness despite difficult circumstances, and the promises found in the New Testament that speak of the Lord's ability to make all things possible. She also notes that we are privileged to carry the very presence of God, and there is therefore no limit to what we can do in his strength.

"First John 2:27 says, 'But as for you, the anointing (the sacred appointment, the unction) which you received from Him abides [permanently] in you...'" Meyer notes.

"I want you to let that sink in: God's anointing abides permanently in you. So why should you live a boring life when there's a great life available to you?

"It's important to understand that courage isn't the absence of fear; it's moving forward when you feel afraid. And if we will do that, God will lead us straight through our fears into His perfect will for our lives.

"God doesn't want us to live timid, shy, weak, wimpy, fearful, boring lives. He wants us to be bold, confident and courageous, unafraid to try new things. And it never ceases to amaze me what God will do through a person who simply steps out in faith."

Meyer cites her own personal journey as an example of this, which began with a small ministry in St Louis, Missouri and has now grown to encompass fifteen international offices and employ around 800 people.

"When God starts you on His path, it's hard to see the enormity of His vision for your life," she shares.

"If you choose to follow that vision, you'll be met with plenty of opposition, but you will never regret following God."

Being confident in the Lord's calling is a message that Meyer is passionate about, and something she has spoken extensively on in the past.  On April 28, her official Facebook page status read "Amazing things happen when we step out in faith", and was updated on April 30 with the words: "You can live with God's power [His miraculous ability, might and strength]."

In a short devotional posted this morning, Meyer also writes, "The Bible says that we are blessed if our confidence is in the Lord. We will be like trees planted by the waters that continue to bear fruit (See Jeremiah 17:7–8).

"I admit that sometimes, at the end of a day, we may feel that all of our fruit has been picked! But God will replenish us if we abide in Him. If we put our trust in God, we will bear all kinds of fruit, and will have new fruit to share with others every morning."

Her message is undeniably clear: choosing Jesus means choosing a new and life-giving journey.

Where might you be able to step into God's fullness and bear fruit today? The Bible says that God often speaks in a "gentle whisper" (1 Kings 19:12), and taking a moment to listen to that still, small voice offers the opportunity to step into new life.

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