Joyce Meyer challenges Christians to study, not just read, the Bible

Best-selling author and Christian speaker Joyce Meyer has issued a challenge – she is asking people to consider studying the Bible for thirty minutes a day, for thirty days.

The 3030 challenge aims to encourage believers to dig deeper in their spiritual lives, engaging with God's Word in a new and fresh way in the hopes of building greater spiritual maturity and deeper intimacy with the Father.

"For many, many years I have studied the word of God, and I know that it's only that study of God's word that has really brought me the freedom and deliverance that I have experienced," Meyers explains.

"The Bible says 'If you continue in my Word then you will know the truth and the truth will make you free'. Now, I think very often we're taught to read the Word, and reading the Word is good, but I think that we also need to understand the importance of studying the Word.

"We need to go a little bit deeper," she says.

Those who sign up to the challenge will be offered study guides, Scripture verses and tips from Joyce herself to help them make the transition from reading to studying.

She believes that it will be transformational, and will leave people much more able to share the love of God with those around them.

"I really believe that if you take this challenge, then it will be life-changing for you," she says.

"[God] wants you to be blessed, but he also wants you to be a blessing."

Find out more and sign up for the challenge here: