'19 Kids and Counting' star Jill Duggar pregnant: Couple want 'as many kids as God will give us' [VIDEO]

Jill with hubby Derick Dillard

Jill and Derick Dillard have said they were "shocked" but "excited" to find out they are expecting their first child. 

The 19 Kids and Counting star Jill married her beau on June 21 in Springdale, Arkansas, and the wedding has yet to be shown on the TLC reality show - it'll be shown when the new season starts on September 2.

The happy couple had just rounded off a honeymoon in North Carolina when they discovered they were expecting their first child together.

It came as a shock to them because two pregnancy tests had come back negative. 

The pair shared their reaction to the news in a special video on People.com.  

"It's a great surprise and [we're] looking forward to a new life," Derick said.  

"As for our future, we're not trying to have kids.  We'll just see what God brings along."

Jill said: "Things are picking up and now we're planning for the future ... Both of us want as many kids as God will give us." 

Jill's dad, Jim Bob, said the family was "clapping and cheering" when they broke the news.  "And we were in shock too," he added.

It's a season of weddings and new families for the Duggar clan as Jessa Duggar just announced her engagement to Ben Seewald a few days ago. 

She shared a picture of her engagement ring from Seewald on her Instagram with the caption: "Y'all! I still can't believe it! I'M ENGAGED TO THE MOST AMAZING GUY ON EARTH! Every time I look down at the ring on my finger...it takes my breath away! I love you, @ben_seewald!"

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