'Jesus healed me': Devout Muslim family see their crippled mother rise from bed as pastors prayed over her

Fadila says her mother saw Jesus Christ and He touched her with His nailed hands.(Pixabay)

Nothing is impossible when God Himself makes things happen.

Pastors from Bibles4Mideast ministry found this out when, through them, Jesus Christ appeared before a family of devout Muslims who embraced Him after He showed them His mercy and healing power.

The startling conversion was narrated by a family member who preferred to be called only by her pseudonym Fadila for security reason. The exact location in the Middle East where the conversion took place was also not mention in the ministry report for the same reason.

Fadila said it all began when her mother became sick. Her condition worsened by the day. They consulted many doctors, but no one could diagnose the cause of her illness. She suffered a stroke and became bedridden.

One day one of her brothers brought two men into their house. Her brother said they were "men of God" who have "gifts of healing."

"If they pray for our mother, she may be healed," her brother said.

Her siblings agreed to allow the strangers to try and heal their mother.

"One man prayed. I felt uncomfortable, because it was different than Muslim du'a (prayer)," Fadila said. "He was using Jesus' name on his prayers. In the name of Jesus he prayed to heal my mother."

She found out they were Christian pastors. At first, she was angry and told the strangers to get out of their house.

However, something happened that made her change her mind.

To their amazement they saw their mother, who was previously unable to move, was trying to get up from her bed. "We helped her and she sat erect and then stood on the floor," Fadila said.

Her mother said that while the pastor was praying, she saw Jesus Christ and He touched her with His nailed hands.

At once, something went away from her body and a light covered her and she felt total healing. "She asked the pastor to pardon me [for telling them to go away] and also asked him to pray for my brother who is an alcoholic," Fadila said.

"The pastor prayed over my brother. He sat on the floor at the feet of the pastor and cried. He promised that he is leaving all of his bad habits. He confessed his sins. He accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour and Lord. And we saw an unspeakable joy and peace in his face," Fadila said.

The pastors said they were from Bibles4mideast. The man who prayed for her mother told them that he is a Christian convert from Islam. He shared his testimony and conveyed the message of Gospel.

He said Jesus Christ was crucified, died and risen from the dead for all of our sins to give us eternal life.

"My mother said she believes. I, too, declared my faith in Jesus. My other brothers and sisters also believed," Fadila said.

The pastor took a Bible from his bag and gave it to Fadila.

Her father learned of what happened to his wife and also became a Jesus believer.

Unfortunately, the other wife of their father, their stepmother, also learned about what happened and became angry. "She threatened to inform the religious authorities about us," Fadila said.

If the authorities find out, she said they would surely face persecution.

But they remained undaunted. "We read and meditate the Bible every day. And very secretly we are attending prayer and worship services held by Bibles4mideast," Fadila said.

"We request prayers," she added.