Jesus Christ's image 'appears' in ultrasound image of Argentine woman's unborn child

A devotee touches an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus inside a Catholic church.Reuters

The face of Jesus Christ reportedly appeared in the ultrasound image of the unborn child of a 29-year-old pregnant woman from Argentina, who has already suffered miscarriages in the past.

The woman, identified by her first name "Fanny," said she dreamt of the Sacred Heart of Jesus before she had her ultrasound.

She also said that she had no plans of visiting the doctor that day but later felt compelled to have an ultrasound test only for her to see a seemingly divine image in the scan of her womb.

"The six-month scan was pretty strange because that day I had not planned to have an ultrasound. When we got home I realised that you can clearly see the face of Christ in the photo," Fanny said in an article on The Express.

She also recalled that there were also no plans to have the ultrasound image printed, but a student doctor volunteered to do so because he found the little foot of her unborn child cute.

To their surprise, the ultrasound image of the child appeared to have the bearded image of the Messiah under her, as if carrying her and taking care of her.

Fanny said the revelation further bolstered her faith in God.

"This is when I knew without a doubt that He had not abandoned us," the woman said after the experience.

"I will never lose faith. I put all my trust in God, who throughout the pregnancy gave me various signs," she added.

Three months after the miraculous image appeared, Fanny gave birth to her daughter Alfonsia last Sept. 21 in the northern city of Cordoba.

The new mother could not express her happiness, having seen the image of Christ while overcoming the challenge posed by her past miscarriages due to thrombosis.

Until now, the image of the child's ultrasound scan which appears to show Jesus Christ's face is still circulating in social media websites. Some netizens have expressed doubts, even calling the image "more Donald Duck" than Jesus Christ.

But most were fascinated by what they saw.

"You can see Him alright, I believe with all my heart, Amen to that," one person who saw the image said.

The ultrasound photo can be seen here.