Jesus appears in a Muslim fighter's dream anew, leading to his Christian conversion

British Prime Minister David Cameron (2nd from L) meets Syrian refugees in a camp in Jordan on Sept. 14, 2015.Reuters

Once again, Jesus Christ appeared in a dream to a die-hard Islamic State fighter, completely transforming him from a fierce enemy of Christians into an adoring child of Christ.

The amazing story of a Christian foe turned follower was shared by the Christian Aid Mission, an international humanitarian group helping local Christian workers in their native countries. In turn, the Gospel Herald picked up the story and shared it to its readers.

The group said the latest ISIS militant who converted to Christianity after dreaming about Jesus was actually the second reported case of such a dramatic conversion. The first conversion of this kind happened in June when a known brutal killer of Christians also dreamed about Jesus and had a miraculous change of heart.

In the latest case, the former Muslim fanatic, whose name was withheld for security reasons, told Christian Aid Mission staffers in Amman, Jordan, that he came to their camp with the intent to kill all of them after learning that his relatives were among the refugees being provided aid by their group.

However, upon seeing how his fellow Muslims were being treated with kindness and love by the Christian workers, he decided to at least postpone his plan, according to an unnamed director of a Christian ministry in the Middle East.

The next day the Muslim fighter came to the director and told him of an amazing dream he had the night before. He also revealed the reason why he came to the refugee camp in Amman. "I came to kill you," he told the director. "But last night I saw Jesus, and I want to know what are you teaching—who is this One who held me up from killing you?"

The Christian missionaries in the camp then approached the man and introduced him to the teachings of Christ.

After receiving the love and compassion of the Christian missionaries, the former jihadist fully embraced Christ.

"He received Christ with tears, and today he's actually helping in the church, helping out other people. We're praying for lots of such Sauls to change to Pauls," the director said.

The Christian convert could not believe how he was brainwashed by Islam into believing that Christians were "infidels" who deserved to die. Now, he said his eyes were finally opened to the reality that Christianity, not Islam, is the true religion of God where love of fellowmen, not hatred, is the guiding light.

The new Christian convert followed the footsteps of another "Saul" who became "Paul"—a notorious ISIS killer who also had a complete change of heart upon dreaming of Jesus last June, according to Gina Fadely, director of Youth With A Mission Frontier Missions, Inc. (YWAM).

Fadely said the jihadist fighter approached them and said he had begun having dreams of this "man in white" who came to him and said, "You are killing my people."

He then started doubting himself and what he was doing, Fadely told The Voice of the Martyrs Radio Network, as reported by the Christian Post.

"The fighter said just before he killed one Christian, the man said, 'I know you will kill me, but I give to you my Bible.' The Christian was killed and this ISIS fighter actually took the Bible and began to read it," Fadely said.

He then dreamed of Jesus again Who asked him to follow Him. The dream was too powerful and compelling for him that he did as he was told by the "man in white." Now the former scourge of Christians has become a follower of Christ.

Kevin Sutter, the other YWAM director who appeared with Fadley on the VOM Radio programme, said what many people don't realise is that despite the ongoing persecution of Christians, there is an "unprecedented spiritual hunger" among Muslims.

"Many people are now following Jesus but they keep it quiet. They haven't gone public about it. They even have church in their own home, they're watching, they'll serve communion to one another as they're watching TV," Sutter revealed.