Jessa Duggar's husband Ben Seewald laments inaction in the face of so many injustices in the world

Ben Seewald wrote a prayer poem on his Instagram account.Facebook/Duggar Family Official

Ben Seewald, the husband of 19 Kids and Counting star Jessa Duggar, is sad that there are so many injustices in the world but people are not doing anything about them.

Seewald wrote a poem on his Instagram page (@ben_seewald), in which he prays for help and wisdom from God because "Satan's busy doin' his work" and "we don't even interfere!" He added that there are now wolves in sheep's clothing twisting the Bible for cash, while some children are left starving.

He slammed people for hyposcrisy and being "blind on purpose" because they are too busy following their dreams, blaming other people for injustices, and turning their backs on opportunities to help others.

But then, Seewald started looking at himself and admitted that he has a lot to answer for as well.

"It's easy to point fingers, but what about ME? When I examine myself, the foul sight makes me weep," he said.

Seewald also said that it amazes him how Jesus Christ could die on the cross just to save a wicked and sinful guy like him. "I could have done more for more people last week," he said, as he recalled a man he could have shared the gospel with.

Seewald mulled what held him back from sharing God's word, and wondered: "Was I ashamed of the Light?"

He then asked God for strength in order for him to help other people see the Light of Christ, so they could be forgiven too and have eternal life.

"God I need Your strength! I need Your help from above! Lord shine your light and make your people see, help us to repent of our hypocrisy and our idolatry," Seewald prayed.

He added his hope that in Jesus' compassion, the "broken ones" will be healed and be made more like Him.