Jessa Seewald's pregnancy described as 'bittersweet' in light of brother's scandal

Jessa Seewald would have liked to have her own TV special devoted to her childbirth just like what sister Jill Dillard got from TLC β€˜to show what a miracle she feels her child is and express her gratitude.’(Instagram/Jessa Seewald)

When Jill Dillard was pregnant with her son Israel David, the TV reality show "19 Kids and Counting" was at its peak of popularity. No wonder, the TLC network even had a special devoted to her childbirth.

But now that Jessa Seewald is enjoying the same joys of pregnancy, the same treatment has been denied her in light of her elder brother Josh's child molestation raps.

"It is now bittersweet, because it's not lost on Jessa that Jill giving birth to Israel got an entire TLC special devoted to it," a source who has worked closely with the family ttold PEOPLE

"Jessa would have liked to have had the same sort of platform to give thanks, show what a miracle she feels her child is and express her gratitude."

But after the scandal rocked the Duggar family and TLC decided to cancel their show, "19 Kids and Counting," Jessa is now unable to "chronicle this happy time, and even though she's posting on social media, the scandal still gets brought up by commenters. So much has changed for Jessa compared to what Jill experienced, and it can't be changed back. And that's sad for her," the source added.

Jessa and her husband Ben are expecting their first child on Nov. 1, the same day they got married last year. Instead of having her pregnancy documented, Jessa will be appearing on a child abuse documentary with Jill on Aug. 30 called "Breaking the Silence."

The documentary will share stories coming from several child abuse survivors. It was done in partnership with abuse-prevention organizations RAINN and Darkness to Light.

Jessa isn't the only one reeling from the loss of "19 Kids and Counting." Even her parents Jim Bob and Michelle are devastated over its cancellation, even though they have been trying to put up a brave face.

"The better part of the last decade has been doing their show, and to have that removed – and instead for there to be this intense scrutiny of their every move – just isn't something you get used to overnight," said the source, adding that the Christian couple "truly felt people would understand and eventually be okay with it."