Jessa Seewald shares new pregnancy photo as she celebrates milestones in her life

Jessa Seewald cradles her growing tummy at 31 weeks and 4 days.(Instagram/Jessa Seewald)

Pregnant Jessa Seewald looked more blooming than ever as she shared her latest pregnancy photo at 31 weeks and four days.

Jessa shared the selfie she took inside a bathroom on her Instagram account (@jessaseewald). The photo shows the expectant young mother wearing a polka-dotted shirt with her beautiful locks down. As usual, Jessa remained coy about the baby's gender and simply called her young one "Baby Seewald."

In a separate post, Jessa shared a black and white flashback photo of her and husband Ben Seewald's wedding day as she celebrated some of their milestones in life.

"Last month on August 14th, we celebrated our engagement anniversary. This month, September 11th, marks two years since we went on our first date! And our 1-year wedding anniversary is just around the corner, November 1st!" she captioned the photo. "Be sure to check out our family website for updates. We're about to post our entire wedding photo album with never-before-seen pictures of our special day!"

A few months back when her brother Josh Duggar's sordid child molestation past resurfaced, the whole Duggar family firmly stood by his side and all of their social media accounts became quiet in light of the scandal. But the scandal barely even died down when a new one came out when Josh admitted having cheated on his wife Anna, using the hacked adultery website Ashley Madison as his vehicle for his transgression.

The Christian family was furious even as Josh apologised for being "one big hypocrite." He was sent to Reformers Unanimous rehab facility while his parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar took responsibility for caring for his wife and four children—Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus, and Meredith Grace.

Jessa decided she will no longer be keeping quiet in light of her brother's mistakes. In fact, when her father-in-law Michael Seewald wrote a blog post condemning Josh as a "pretender," she even shared it on her social media accounts.