'19 Kids and Counting': Did TLC just tease Jessa Duggar's baby bump?

As "19 Kids and Counting" newlyweds Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald approach their fourth month as a married couple, their plans on starting a family of their own (a big one at that) are being laid out little by little. In a recent interview with Celebrate Arkansas magazine, the lovebirds revealed what they plan to do in making their own Duggar-sized household.

"We would love to have children of our own, and we would also love to adopt. It's something we are constantly praying about," the 22-year-old Duggar told the publication as quoted by The Inquisitr.

According to the site, the couple may be planning to move out of Arkansas before they consider having a baby.

"I love my state and l love our life here, but I think we are both ready to go wherever God calls us to go," Seewald, who was revealed to go into ministry, shared to Celebrate Arkansas. "We are just trying to be flexible and open to any new routes that our life might take." 

Although the couple may be going for adoption, rumors about Jessa being pregnant are still making some noise. A recent promotional photo for the upcoming season of "19 Kids and Counting" — with the smiling Seewald couple standing next to beaming and pregnant Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard — was captioned with "New husbands. New babies. New season" and invited everyone to "watch the new beginnings unfold."

The use of "babies" has led many to believe that Jill Duggar is not the only person in the picture who is pregnant. However, it is possible that TLC did not think about the caption too much. It may also be that the choice of the plural form is in consideration of Anna and Josh Duggar's baby on the way.

Nevertheless, fans have been hoping ever since Jessa and Ben said their "I Dos" that they will have a child soon. While there's no predicting when that announcement would be made, fans can follow the outsized Duggar family and everything they are up to as "19 Kids and Counting" returns with its new season on Feb. 17.