Jessa Duggar giddy to be cooking her first turkey

Jessa Seewald FacebookJessa Seewald just cooked her first turkey and it was delicious!

Not to be outdone by her husband who was just recently working his magic in the kitchen, 19 Kids and Counting star Jessa Duggar gave cooking a whirl herself by preparing her very first turkey, and it seems like she did a great job with it!

In her Instagram account (@jessaseewald), Mrs Ben Seewald posted three photos of her cooking journey. The first photo was of the turkey right after she seasoned it.

"Hey y'all, I totally don't know what I'm doing, but I'm attempting to make my first turkey!" shared Jessa. "The pan is kinda small, so it's a squeeze! And I have yet to find my rack...but I read somewhere online that if you don't have one you can put some carrots down underneath the turkey to keep it off the bottom of the pan."

She said she also got a bit carried away with the seasonings and that she really needs to attend some cooking classes, but she had a lot of fun trying something new. "At least I can say that I put a lot of love into making it. That counts for something, right?" she wrote.

The second photo involved her turkey stock preparation, and she used ingredients such as bay leaf, thyme, and parsley, among other things.

Thanks for all the advice and helpful tips y'all gave! Yum, yum!!

She captioned the photo, "Ooh, and trying to make my first turkey stock too! Hopefully I can turn this into some yummy gravy! I'm grateful for all the helpful recipes and tips I was able to Google up this afternoon! So thankful for all you 'master chefs' out there who are willing to share your knowledge and experience with those of us not-so-experienced cooks!"

Finally, the third photo was of the finished product - a beautiful brown turkey with gravy. She thanked everybody who helped by giving cooking tips and said that she's "so happy" with the results.

"I didn't have a meat thermometer, so I was relying on the little red pop-up timer...but it never popped up! I cooked that bird for almost 4 hours, then I thought I better take it out before it got too dried out or over cooked. Took it out, let it sit for 30 min., cut into it, and perfect! No pink! Yay! It tasted delicious!" she wrote.