Jersey to hear the Gospel

Every resident in Jersey will hear the gospel after being sent the story of Jesus on CD.

Around 89,000 people will be asked to listen to Mark’s gospel when it drops through the letterbox in the next few weeks. The recording is part of a Bible Society initiative called ‘You’ve Got The Time’.

The whole of the New Testament has been dramatised in 40 half-hour audio clips, which can be downloaded from the Bible Society’s website,, along with a listening plan. 

When church leaders heard about the project they asked the Bible Society if they could put part of the recording, by The Riding Lights Theatre Company, on CD.

Peter Rioda, a trust company director from St Saviour, is an atheist but goes to church with his wife Alex. He was given the CD by the vicar who asked him to listen to it. 

Rioda, who took it with him while running, says, "I normally listen to music, but this is different and interesting. The things that spoke to me strongest were the teachings of Jesus – love your neighbour, looking not to serve yourself, but to serve others."

Two years ago his wife, Alex, was diagnosed with MS, and for her the Bible has been a source of comfort and strength in the face of illness. 

She says, "The recording spoke to me in ways that just sitting down reading the Bible wouldn’t do, necessarily. It just reinforced again the sacrifice Jesus made and that everything will be alright no matter what."

One of the project organisers, Rev Martyn Shea, says, "We want to demonstrate the love of God and want people to hear the good news of the Bible. This resource and the way the Riding Lights Theatre Company do 
it, was exactly the way we want the church to present the Bible in the community."

The Bible Society’s Andy Bissex added, "I am thrilled they have caught the vision of ‘You’ve got the Time’ and are using this in creative and practical ways. At Bible Society we have a heart to see the Bible used in mission in this way."