Jermaine Dupri backward pants PHOTO at Kriss Kross' Chris Kelly funeral (VIDEO)

Kriss Kross member Chris Smith speaks at Chris Kelly's funeral

Jermaine Dupri attended the funeral of the late Kris Kross rapper Chris Kelly wearing his pants backwards as a tribute to him.

Chris Kelly, 34, was found dead May 1 of a suspected drug overdose. The sudden death of the Kriss Kross rapper had shocked his family and friends.

Kelly's funeral was held in Atlanta on May 9 at Jackson Baptist Memorial Church, attended by 300 friends, family and entertainers.

Kriss Kross hip hop partner Chris Smith remembered him in a tearful speech. "It's been a struggle for me every day, but there was a peace that came over me this morning because I know he's in heaven," Smith said, according to CBS. "We had so many memories. He was a true friend. He wanted to see if I was all right. So I just want to say I love you, man, and I'll miss you."

Kelly and Smith rose to worldwide fame in 1992 with their hit "Jump." They were discovered by Jermaine Dupri while they were performing in a shopping mall in Atlanta.

Kelly's mother, Donna Kelly Pratte, wept throughout the funeral and pleaded for the church deacons to not close the coffin on her child. She screamed, "Please don't close it. Please don't close it on my baby."

Kelly was known as "Mac Daddy" and Smith as "Daddy Mac". They were known for wearing their pants backwards, sparking a brief national trend.

"Jump" was their first and most successful song. Their debut album "Totally Krossed Out" went multiplatinum in 1992.

See the photo of Dupri wearing his pants backwards at Kelly's funeral HERE.

Watch Chris Kelly's funeral in the video below:

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