Jakarta: Thousands of Muslims and Catholics unite to march against terror

Last week, a rally was also held at the scene of Thursday's gun and bomb attack in central Jakarta.Reuters

Muslims and Catholics united in Jakarta on Sunday to march through Indonesia's capital after suicide attacks killed seven and wounded 26 last week.

Catholics joined thousands from the largest Muslim organisations in Indonesia to "oppose all forms of violence that goes against man".

"We express deep condolences to the victims and condemn all forms of violence and terrorism. We pray and we work for the unity of Indonesia," said Father Alexius Andang Binawan, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Jakarta, according to ICN.

Nahdlatul Ulama, Indonesia's largest Muslim group, was joined by 13 other Islamic organisations and the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Indonesia.

Several thousand demonstrators gathered in the main square in Indonesia's capital which is overlooked by both the Catholic cathedral and the Grand Mosque.

"We are shocked but life in the capital continues normally," said Binawan, according to Fides.

"As the government and public officials say, we have also told the faithful not to be overcome by the fear of terrorism. Terrorists want visibility and demonstrate the supposed weakness of the government. Indonesian people will respond in a united manner, with firmness and dignity, without fear".

"Many religious leaders have condemned terrorism, stressing that it has nothing to do with religion and expresses strong hopes for unity," he added, speaking ahead of the march.

"We will be in the street with Muslims and Christians and believers of all faiths to reaffirm the national motto 'unity in diversity', and to express our unity in opposing to all forms of violence that goes against man. As Christians we are next to all other citizens and will continue to pray for the victims and for a prosperous and peaceful future of our nation".