'iZombie' season 3 spoilers: Blaine lying about memory loss? Character set to sing

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It's just a few weeks until "iZombie" will be returning to the small screen for season 3 on The CW and there will be a musical treat for fans in the first few episodes.

Blaine, played by David Anders, will in fact be singing in the first three episodes of season 3, which debuts on April 4. 

If you're wondering whether "iZombie" is about to turn into a musical, don't be!  As according to TVLine, he'll just be singing, the episodes won't be musical episodes.

You'd be forgiven for wondering given that "Supergirl", starring Melissa Benoist, and "The Flash", starring Grant Gustin, are indulging in a musical crossover as an unusual treat for fans of the shows.

So why exactly is Blaine going to be singing?  TVLine reports that one song will be dedicated to musician Rob Thomas, while the other two will be connected to a new job. 

But also in the premiere episode, the synopsis reveals questions will be raised about Blaine's partial memory loss after taking Ravi's untested zombie cure last season, and some people will start wondering whether he has really got amnesia.

Speaking of new jobs, though, Major will be getting a new job with Fillmore Graves Enterprises, which has a zombie army preparing for the day humans learn about the undead.

Although Major was exonerated for the crimes he committed as the Chaos Killer, he's still viewed as the bad guy and it seems Fillmore Graves Enterprises is the only place that will hire him.

Liv has also been invited to join the company's army as the company wants to make Seattle a zombie capital, but she's much more hesitant than Major to get involved with the whole idea.

"iZombie" Season 3, episode 1, titled "Heaven Just Got a Little Smoother," premieres on Tuesday, April 4 at 9 p.m. EST on The CW.

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