ISIS' new propaganda video shows 6-year-old boy helping in beheading of two captives

An ISIS child soldier is filmed holding a large knife while he stands over a victim in Syria in a video released in January 2017.Khalid Ibn al-Walid Army video screengrab

The Islamic State (ISIS) has released another sickening propaganda video showing a six-year-old boy assisting in the beheading of two captives.

Unlike in previous ISIS video footages, the boy does not perform the actual beheading himself. But the video is as chilling as the previous ones for the way the apparently brainwashed boy conducted himself during the execution routine.

Holding out two knives, the boy delivers a speech in Arabic where he asks that the ISIS executioners who are about to behead the captives be given peace by the Prophet Muhammad and Allah. He then declares, "The infidel and his killer never meet in hell," the Daily Mail reports.

Two executioners then take a knife each from the boy's hands. They are next seen taking the captives to a stream where they push the victims' heads into the water before beheading them.

In January, the ISIS released a video showing a group of children, who appeared to be around 10 years old and younger, killing Kurdish captives by shooting them in the head and cutting their throats, CP reported.

The executions were filmed in what looked like an abandoned amusement park reportedly in the city of Deir ez-Zor in Syria.

ISIS has been showing its child fighters, known as the "cubs of the Caliphate," in several videos in their apparent effort to demonstrate the terror group's influence over young people.

Another propaganda video released in October showed ISIS children executing Christians by shooting and crucifying them, and beating women and children.

The indoctrinated kids have been trained to become the next wave of jihadists who will "conquer Damascus, Baghdad, Jerusalem, Mecca, Al-Medina, Dabiq, Rome and Andalusia," according to another ISIS propaganda video released in September.

While ISIS is using children to support its cause, it is also showing the world that it is merciless in punishing even children who have somehow incurred its ire.

In January, the terrorist group burned alive an entire family—including four young children and their mother— after they were caught trying to flee from the ISIS stronghold in Kirkuk province, Iraq, CP reported.

They were reportedly charged with trying to abandon the "caliphate."

The four children - three girls and a 9-month-old baby boy - were burned to death in January in front of a crowd of onlookers.

After tying up the mother and her kids, the militants poured oil all over their bodies before lighting a fire and roasting them alive.

As ISIS continues to lose ground in Mosul, it has threatened to kill the more than 750,000 children trapped in the besieged city. According to the aid group Save the Children, nearly 350,000 of the 750,000 residents stuck in Mosul are children.

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