ISIS Guard Couldn't Take It Anymore, Flees After Seeing Rapes And Brutal Treatment Of Sex Slaves

A grief-stricken Yazidi sex slave survivor is welcomed back by her relatives after regaining her freedom from ISIS captivity.Reuters

"Is this your Islam?"

That question haunted Nizar, a Syrian Muslim who was hired by the Islamic State (ISIS) as a guard in the jihadist group's detention centre.

Before that, Nizar confided that he was a devout Muslim who thought living in a self-proclaimed Islamic caliphate would fulfil his expectations of his faith, according to God Reports.

However, when he started witnessing the maltreatment of female captives who were turned into sex slaves, he said he became disillusioned.

Nizar saw for himself how the women captives, including Yazidis and Iraqis, were brutalised.

The young women told him they were forcibly separated from their children. "Is this your Islam?" they asked him.

Nizar saw how foreign ISIS fighters were made to choose from among the captive women on who they want as their sex slaves. He saw the women treated like personal property and forced into marriages with strangers, against their will.

One day, he saw an African ISIS militant rape a 15-year-old girl who started bleeding badly and died.

Nizar started having nightmares. He felt he couldn't take it anymore.

He finally decided to flee, bringing his family with him to Turkey.

If Nizar was totally sickened by the atrocities he had seen, one can just imagine how much more sickened the surviving victims of those atrocities were.

One of them, sex slave survivor Nadia Murad, recently recalled her horrific captivity under the claws of ISIS.

The young Yazidi woman revealed that she was raped by 12 ISIS fighters, one at a time. What she endured was so painful and nightmarish that no words could describe it, she said.

In August 2016, the British Parliament heard a long list of heinous crimes committed by the ISIS, according to Inquisitr.

The crimes as read included the killing of a boy whose body was then grounded into meat and fed to his mother. British MPs also heard about Christians being killed and tortured, and children beheaded, some crucified in front of their parents.

Other crimes included ISIS captives being beheaded, burned, lowered into pools of nitric acid and dipped into vats of burning tar.

Last year, a family of three, including a 2-year-old girl, were burned alive for trying to escape.

The jihadist group has also sentenced hundreds of its own fighters to death for desertion or simply asking to be allowed to return to their home country. A mass grave of 200 militants discovered in Anbar province last year showed how ISIS deals with its fighters who sleep on duty, disobey an order, abandon their post or retreat on the battlefield.

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