ISIS burns 15 people alive for attempting to flee Iraqi city

Islamic State has burned 15 people to death for attempting to escape the city of Fallujah in Iraq.

Fallujah was captured by Islamic State fighters in January 2014 in a major defeat for the Baghdad government and its Western backersReuters

The terror group has also arrested a woman who went on local television to describe deteriorating conditions, and begged for someone to help save residents.

Fallujah, known as the City of Mosques, is just over 40 miles from Baghdad and has been under ISIS control for over two years. When nearby Ramadi was liberated last December, Fallujah was left isolated in ISIS control and as a result is suffering serious shortages. Many residents are hungry, malnourished and unwell.

Azal Obaid, a local governor, told Kurdish news agency ARA that 15 civilians who tried to escape have been publicly executed by being burned to death. He also said ISIS militants are using civilians as human shields to protect its soldiers. Burning is one of Islamic State's favoured forms of execution. Jordanian pilot Maaz al-Kassasbeh was shown being burnt alive in one of the more horrific of the group's propaganda videos.

However, hope could be around the corner.

The occuping jihadists are reported to be showing signs of increasing paranoia. Residents are viewed with suspicion as the Iraqi army continues to tighten its grip on the surrounding area.

Obaid revealed: "There is a military plan prepared by the leadership of the Iraqi army and local tribes to liberate the city of Fallujah."


A woman living in the city told Al Arabiya News Channel: "People are dying because of hunger, there is no medicine, no food, we have no more options left. Allah is my refuge."