ISIS releases new photos of another man accused of being gay pushed off rooftop to his death

A man accused of being a homosexual is hurled off the rooftop of a building in al-Furat, Syria, in this image released by the ISIS on Jan. 17, 2016.(ISIS image)

The extremist group Islamic State (ISIS) has posted sickening images that show how it executed another man accused of homosexuality by throwing him off the top of a building in al-Furat province in Syria.

The ISIS claimed that the unidentified victim was arrested and subjected to a trial at an Islamic court before his execution, the Daily Mail reported

Photographs released by the terror group showed the man, blindfolded with hands bound, being led up a flight of stairs towards the roof of a tall building. Then he was made to stand on the edge of the roof while several guards watch on.

A large crowd of civilians and fighters could also be seen waiting on the ground for the horrific punishment to be carried out. The victim appeared to have been pushed off the roof top to his death.

ISIS considers homosexuality un-Islamic and has killed more than 30 people for being gay, according United Nations estimates. Many of the executions of men accused of homosexuality were all carried out in front of a large crowd.

The ISIS has released several propaganda videos and images that show alleged homosexuals being thrown off tall buildings and stoned to death in front of a baying crowd.

In September last year, ISIS publicly executed nine men and a 15 year-old boy in Syria for being homosexual. Seven of those men were shot dead in Rastan, in the Homs province in central Syria, while the two men and the teenager were executed in the town of Hreitan in northern Aleppo, the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights reported.

In one of its "rooftop executions'' in the same year, children as young as 10 and 15 years were shown with some bloodthirsty mob stoning two men alleged to be homosexual.

The U.N. Security Council conducted its first discussion on the plight of gay people last year following continued attacks by the ISIS against LGBT members in the Middle East.

Jessica Stern, executive director of the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, has proposed special strategies to combat attacks against gay people, including specific U.N. action to relocate those most in need, the Daily Mail said.