Iraq Church Offers Aid in Rebuilding of New Orleans Parish after Katrina

A church in Iraq is helping to rebuild a parish in the US state of New Orleans. The 300-member Kurdzman Church in Iraq is collecting money to help the Adullam Christian Fellowship church which was destroyed by hurricane Katrina, according to Assist News Service.
“We saw the pictures of the devastation on television,” said Rev. Hazem, pastor of the Kurdzman Church. “We were motivated to help the people of New Orleans rebuild so we called our friends at World Compassion to see how to get money to Louisiana.”

World Compassion, a faith-based organisation which conducts humanitarian aid around the world, has been working in the country since U.S. forces entered Iraq. The Kurdzman Churcn in Iraq was started two years ago with the help of Dr. Terry Law, the president and founder of the World Compassion.

“I am overjoyed at the spirit of this little church,” said Dr. Law. “This action demonstrates the love and compassion of Iraqi Christians. It is also something they could never have done under Saddam Hussein’s regime.”

Randy Millet, pastor of Adullam Christian Fellowship, was also surprised that a church in Iraq was offering help. The 350 congregants of the devastated parish are spread across Louisiana, Texas and other states.

“We’ve been destroyed; but, we will rebuild,” Millet said. “And we are grateful for our friends around the world – including those in Iraq – who are standing with us during this difficult time.”