iPhone 6 release date, specs; iPhone C is scratch resistant; iPhone 5s will have dual LED flash

AppleDaily.com posted a video purporting to show a reporter with the casing of the new iPhone C(Photo: AppleDaily.com

As if the iPhone 6 wasn't enough, to whet the appetite of Apple fans even more, new rumors have hit the web about two additional devices, the iPhone C and even an iPhone Math.  

While the iPhone 6 is expected to be specced to the max and at the higher end of the price range, iPhone C is predicted to be a more budget device - although with it reportedly retailing somewhere between £200 and £250 you still wouldn't want to lose it in a hurry.  

It's also expected to be available in some fun colours, like green, red, yellow and blue.  The Wall Street Journal reported the iPhone C will not be made out of the usual aluminium but rather polycarbonate as a lower cost option.  The cheaper price makes it more likely that the iPhone C will have a smaller screen.  

Another difference is its resistance to scratches.  A video on the Chinese website Apple Daily shows a reporter shaking what is claimed to be the casing of the iPhone C in a bag of keys and coins to demonstrate how much it withstands scratches.  

The Chinese fan site also reports that the new iPhone 5S will have a dual LED flash to improve picture quality.  

Techcrunch columnist MG Siegler said "multiple sources" had confirmed the iPhone 5S would be available in gold in addition to the standard black and white.  

Fuller details of Apple's next phones are expected to be unveiled at an event on September 10, when it is speculated the iPhone 6 may be released although it's more likely it won't be out before 2014.  

Michael Barrett, Paypal's information security officer, said in a recent speech that there would be "multiple" fingerprint enabled phones on the market this year, giving rise to speculation that the iPhone 6 would be one of them, perhaps on the home button.

In addition to iOS7, the phone is expected to have a longer battery life and an A7 quad core processor with 3 GB RAM.

Another rumoured device is for a much larger device called the iPhone Math. The Mirror reports this device could have a 4.8-inch display and 8MP camera.

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