iPhone 6 release date, rumors, specs: Curved glass display, rounded edges and all-aluminium rear casing as part of design change?

(Apple)The iPhone 5S

We do all love a bit of iPhone, even those own different smartphones!  And what could be better than an iPhone with some beautiful rounded edges and a curved display?

Japanese website Macotakara.jp is reporting that this is exactly what Apple is planning for its next iPhone.  

If the site's "reliable sources" really are reliable, then the iPhone 6 will represent a significant break in design from the iPhone 5.

Instead of the more straight-edged iPhone 5, we can expect some very soft, rounded corners, much more in line with the Samsung Galaxy design.  

Macotakara likens the change to a bumper for the iPhone called the Squair Curvaceous Bumber, which has very pronounced round corners.  

The website reports that in addition to changing the corners, Apple will also replace the rear glass antenna breaks on the iPhone 5 with a fully aluminium design.  

Bloomberg reported last year that the next iPhone would come with a curved display in the second half over 2014 but there has been some disagreement over Apple will indeed go for a curved display.  

Actually, it's believed that there will be two different sizes to the iPhone 6 this year, one being 4.7 inches and another much larger 5.5-inch version, bringing it more up to speed with phablets like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. 

It's expected to come with a speedy A8 processor and Touch ID fingerprint sensor.  

But it looks like Apple isn't the only smartphone maker looking to curved display technology to vamp up its handsets, as Samsung has said it is working on completing its new A3 plant, which will focus on manufacturing curved displays. 

That has given rise to the speculation that Samsung will incorporate curved displays into its Samsung Galaxy S6 and Note 5 devices.