iPhone 7 release date, specs rumors: No AMOLED display?

A lot of rumors regarding a possible iPhone 7 in 2016 have been circulating, but there's one sure thing that the upcoming device will feature — a thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) display screen.

There were initial beliefs that the next iPhone 7 would be coming out with an AMOLED display. However, according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, a reliable source when it comes to Apple devices, an AMOLED display shift is highly unlikely from a business standpoint.

Apparently the Cupertino company is still locked in high stakes in LCD panel production, largely due to the large investment on it by Foxconn.

With that said, it may take some time before any iPhone could adopt a change in the screen display part, possibly after three years more or less.

This latest iPhone 7 AMOLED display rumors come in the light of other issues cropping up for a device that is not expected until September 2016 at the earliest.

Other rumors tied up to the iPhone 7 include that of the Force Touch display which would give the device the ability to read fingerprints.

Another rumor is about the actual processor the device would be using, an A10 chip. Like the two mentioned rumors, there is no official word yet on this despite reports that Apple has placed massive orders for them via Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC).

Other than that, other previous rumors related to the iPhone 7 include a camera with six-element lens, while other possible features could be in the works as well like maybe a protective mechanism too.

So right now, it may be a bit early to foresee what Apple has planned, seeing that its coming (unless Apple changes its annual release date for new iPhones) is a good 10 months away.

Hence, expect more rumors, which hopefully will come close to what Apple really has planned for the next iPhone variant, to surface in the coming months.