iPhone 2018 release date, specs latest news: Flagship to boast three-lens camera setup

It was earlier reported that Apple could launch not just one, but three new iPhone models this 2018. There is not much information regarding the respective design and features of these upcoming handsets, but the latest scoop on the Cupertino-based tech giant's next flagship is that a 2018 iPhone version will sport a three-lens camera setup. This camera build potentially boasts improved image quality over the currently trending dual-lens system.

ApplePromotional image for Apple's latest flagship handset, the iPhone X

According to the Economic Daily News, one of the three new iPhone 2018 models is set to feature a three-lens camera setup. Aside from the fact that the camera will be made of three image sensors, this particular iPhone 2018 device is said to have 5x optical zoom as well, which will replace the current 2x zoom feature. The three-lens camera will also get a 6P lens system.

The purpose of the third camera lens is not specified, although this extra sensor could help increase the photo quality in low-light environment. It is also possible that the extra lens could get the same TrueDepth mapper from the Face ID that allows the phone to get a 3D model of a certain subject.

While the idea of a three-lens camera in the iPhone 2018 is encouraging, Apple Insider advises the public to take this information with a grain of salt, given that the source does not have a good track record in correctly predicting the new features of an upcoming Apple device.

Moreso, it seems unlikely that the company would like to appear copying the camera design used in Huawei P20 Pro, which is the first smartphone to boast a triple-lens system. If anything, a three-lens camera in the iPhone could happen next year.

Earlier reports suggests that two of the new iPhone 2018 models are set to include touchless gesture controls. This could be applied using Apple's current 3D mapping feature, although there is not enough information to explain how a touchless gesture will work. Also, the new iPhone devices are expected to sport a special curved display instead of having the usual block and angular appearance.