iPad 5 release date, specs rumors: Lighter and thinner model expected in October 2013


Apple fans are predicting that the iPad 5 will release around the same time as the iPad mini 2, possibly in October. 

Whether it is October or not, the general consensus is fall 2013.  That would be in keeping with the release of the iPad 4, which was unveiled in October 2012 and was released the following month.  

Photos of the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 show both models with aluminium casing, meaning that it will be much thinner and lighter. 

The casing could possibly be complemented by fewer or smaller LED backlights, thinner glass and a thinner battery that doesn't compromise on battery life or speed.  

The lighter and thinner size would bring the iPad 5 much closer to the size of the iPad mini.  The speculation is that Apple will use the same touchscreen technology it used on the mini to thin out the iPad 5. 

Other rumors include additional colour options, like gold, and an upgrade to the 8-megapixel rear-facing camera used in the iPhone 5.

The Apple iOS 7 has already been slated for release during fall 2013 and iPhone fans will be closely following the announcement for the release date of the next model, to come at a launch event on September 10th.

The rumour mill hasn't come down on whether that will be the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6, with some predicting the iPhone 5S will retail first followed later by the iPhone 6 with a release date possibly into 2014.

The Galaxy S4 and HTC have been dominating the smartphone conversation this year so much will be expected of Apple's next phone.  

The Galaxy Note 3's rumored release on September 4 will similarly set the bar high for the iPad 5.


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