iPad Mini 5 release date, specs rumors: Device arriving in 2017 with the iPad Pro?

Featured in the image is the iPad Mini 4, the current model availableApple

The iPad Mini 5 was not showcased during Apple's September event. The previous model, the iPad Mini 4, is now over a year old, and speculations have been circulating that the iPad Mini 5 won't be launched until early 2017, and by then, it may be rebranded as something entirely new.

As stated in a report by iTech Post, the iPad Mini 5 is likely to launch by March 2017. This is based on the fact that Apple has held and attended several March events in the past few years, one of which is the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

If this proves true then the iPad Mini 5 will likely launch alongside the iPad Pro 2. However, it is widely speculated that the iPad Mini 5 may be rebranded as the iPad Pro Mini so that it would merge instead of competing with a 9.7-inch version of the iPad Pro 2.

MacWorld states that the iPad Mini 5 or iPad Pro Mini may come with the same 3D Touch panel that has been implemented on some of the newer iPhones, as well as a 7,000-series aluminum chassis that would make the tablet lighter and thinner. It is also speculated to come with 2 GB of RAM and an improved A9 processor.

While it will come with iOS 10 pre-installed, the iPad Mini 5 is unlikely going to see improvements regarding its camera. This means that it is expected to feature an 8-MP rear camera and a 1.2-MP or 2-MP camera in the front.

It is also expected to ditch the 16 GB model and start with a 32 GB model in the market, with options for a 64 GB and 128 GB as well. As is the norm for Apple products, there will be no support for external storage via microSD cards.

Apple has yet to confirm if it is launching the iPad Mini 5 in early 2017 or if the device is being rebranded as the 9.7-inch iPad Pro Mini.