iOS 7 release date could be September 16th; iPad users may have to wait till October

Things are hotting up for Apple fans with the announcement on the official iOS 7 release date due on Tuesday.

Tuesday is of course the big day for unveiling Apple's next generation of iPhones - the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

If Apple takes its usual approach to product releases, we can expect the iOS 7 to be out days from now.

It's the first overhaul of Apple's mobile operating system since the original iPhone landed back in 2007.  

However, the latest rumor is that iPad users will have to wait until October as Apple will not want to do anything to diminish the attractiveness of the device when it comes to market - something International Business Times speculates might happen if it releases any earlier.  

Below is the iOS 7 promotional video released by Apple back in June explaining the company's vision to bring order and simplicity to its next mobile operating system and, in a nutshell, declutter the phone.

The upgrade includes the Airdrop feature for sharing documents or images with other iPhone users, and the Control Center to quickly access settings like the clock, calculator, camera, music controls and flightmode.  

There will also be automatic updating of apps, saving the time it would have taken for users to do it themselves.  

Ultimately, it's about allowing users to get maximum usage from their devices with far less fuss, although the extent of the changes may take some getting used to for existing iOS 6 users. speculates that a release date of September 16th for the iOS 7 would be about right when the suspected release dates of the iPhone 5S is taken into consideration.