Invite to night prayer with the Archbishop of York

Members of the audience at this year's York Mystery Plays are being invited to say night prayer with the Archbishop of York.

Compline is being said by Dr John Sentamu for the cast, crew and audience after every evening performance.

The plays tell God's story from creation to the last judgement and have been performed by the people of York for centuries.

Ferdinand Kingsley plays God and Jesus, while Graeme Hawley, former Coronation Street villain John Stape, takes the part of the Devil.

The Archbishop is leading night prayer at St Olave's Church, Marygate, at 11:15pm each night, directly after the performances.

It is hoped that the service will help give cast, crew, volunteers and those attending the performance a space to reflect on the message of the plays.

Dr Sentamu said: “I am looking forward to seeing the Mystery Plays performance on 24th August. It’s fantastic that we can hold the biggest outdoor theatrical production in the country, in York, and involve the whole community in telling the story of the battle between good and evil as told in the Bible.

“I have heard this year’s production is wonderful – both challenging and inspiring. It’s great that St Olave’s is offering people the space to come and reflect on the message of the plays.

“I hope everyone will come and join us after the performance. It’s important to pause and reflect on the incredible news that God is always with us. See you there.”

Chaplain to the Mystery Plays, the Rev Jane Nattrass said: “Many people have appreciated the offering of prayer and time to reflect on the wonder, awe and spiritual encounter they experienced when attending York Mystery Plays 2012.”

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